Up To Now

So far, I have been rather lucky with my flying experience.

I hold a frozen ATPL with my SEP class rating.

Aquila A210

Me and my mum in front of G-GAEB

Prior to joining CTC, I had done all of my flying from Blackpool International Airport with Flight Academy Blackpool and gained my PPL having flown the Aquila A210 (pictured to the right). I did spend a short while flying microlights (flew an AX2000) before moving to fixed wing aircraft, where I started on a Cessna 152 (G-BNOZ) and finally moved onto the Aquila after having a break for medical reasons.

After joining CTC, I passed all 14 of the ATPL exams first time with an average score of 90.6% and I achieved first time passes in both the CPL and IR skills tests.

In New Zealand, I have been flying the Diamond DA20, Cessna 172 and Diamond DA42. Upon returning to Bournemouth, I continued to fly the Diamond DA42.

In February 2015, I will start flying for Flybe and then I shall be flying their Bombardier Dash 8 Q400s.

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