A quick break

The Christmas break has come around fast – it doesn’t feel like two weeks since I was last home and it definitely doesn’t feel like I’ve been at CTC for 3 months. How time flies!

We’re officially ‘off’ until the 2nd January but even though I’ve come home for a week, I can’t fully relax. I know that I still need to do some work.
This is essential as this break is using up most of our CBT days so my plan is to try and get slightly ahead so that I can come back in January and be able to get onto the Question Bank earlier and be really prepared for the exams.

And speaking of exams, just before we left on Friday, the exam results came in. Seeing the whole class waiting, you could feel the stress and tension in the air.
Fortunately, I passed all seven exams, so I can now go into Module 2 and just focus on those exams. Well done to everyone who got results in CP100, hope they were what you wanted.

And for everyone questioning the speed that I managed to finish the VFR Comms paper in (2 and a half minutes for the half hour paper), I managed to get 100% in it. I think that proves I didn’t go through it too fast!

But now it’s time for me to enjoy my Christmas break back at home with the family. I’m heading back down to Southampton on the 29th December so this week is a time to chill out a bit and meet up with all of my mates.

End of Module 1

On Thursday, I finished the first 7 of my EASA ATPL exams. I think that it went well on the whole, although I’m not sure how the Instruments paper went… I suppose we’ll have to wait and see when the results are published in about 2 weeks time.

On the topic of exams, I seem to now have a reputation within my course for completing the exams very quickly. So quickly in fact that it’s thought I may have set a new CAA record for the time taken to complete the VFR Comms paper – 2 and a half minutes for the half hour paper! I just hope that I haven’t made any silly mistakes.

But now, I have the weekend off and I managed to plan a surprise for my mum. Dad and I managed to arrange for me to come home without her knowing. She was very surprised when I appeared at the train station. Only the weather let us down as Dad had to tell her I was coming home as they were driving to the station and snow was causing havoc on the roads.

But I’m only home for the weekend as Module 2 starts again on Monday morning as we start doing Performance. So I’m heading back down tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon but this weekend is a whistle-stop tour of the North seeing as many people as I can.


Half-way through Module 1

We’ve now finished our first five weeks of ground school and we’ve done so much in these first weeks. However, the depressing thought is that our first set of exams are now five weeks away, meaning that we’re half way through our first module!

The coming weeks aren’t going to get any easier though. Next week will see us finish Instruments and then we have two weeks in which we will complete the whole of Meteorology, VFR Comms and IFR Comms. This will then mean that we’ve complete all seven of our Module 1 subjects and then it’s a case of sitting our mock exams and then do lots of revision!

Now it really is a case of making sure that our motivation is high and that we have the self discipline to make sure we do enough work on the subjects that we’ve already covered as well as keeping up with all of the new work that we do.
I think that I’m managing but only my Module 1 results will tell…