My training in Bournemouth is at an end

The title says it all really, my course here in Bournemouth is now over after I completed my Instrument Rating test yesterday.

The flight went really well and involved me flying over to Exeter, making an approach there before having a simulated engine failure and then back to Bournemouth to fly down the Instrument Landing System and into a low level circuit around the airfield to land.
In my eyes, the flight went really well and the examiner didn’t have too much to say about it, which is always a good sign!

I’m now in the process of filling in all of the paperwork for my licence application and being signed out of Bournemouth and finding out information on the next phase of my training, the Airline Qualification Course, which takes place back in Nursling, Southampton.

And to leave you with a scary thought, the next plane I will physically fly is likely to be an A320!

Only a couple more flights remain

With the festive period over, flying is now back in full swing and now I only have a couple more flights remaining before the instrument rating test, which will mark the end of our basic training with CTC.

After coming back after Christmas, I’ve moved back into the aircraft and we’ve started flying to various airports around the UK and practicing for our test flight. So far, I’ve flown to Alderney and Cardiff, as well as backseating flights to Exeter and Southampton. It feels good to be flying around the UK again and it’s good mixing in with the other traffic, of which there’s a lot more than in New Zealand.

So far, things seem to be improving each flight and I should be ready for test by the start of next week. Fingers crossed!

There should be some pictures coming in the next couple of days as I’ve had my camera in the back of the aircraft on these flights and after the weather that has been hitting the UK recently, I’ve been able to get some good pictures and video to share with you, so stay tuned for that!

The end of our DA42 simulator phase

As Christmas approaches, the flying world doesn’t come to a stand still. This has also been true for us in training, with flights going on throughout the festive period, with various people training even on Christmas Eve!

However, fortunately for me, I’ve finished my training for the Christmas period and today saw me finish off my training in the DA42 simulator. We’ve covered a variety of things since returning to the UK, but most memorable were the flights where we flew from one major airport in the UK to another. Flying in and out of Manchester was a good feeling, as was taking off from Heathrow – even if we did get lost on the taxiways in the sim!

We have finished the sim lessons off by starting to look at the things which come up on our instrument rating test. I shan’t bore you with all the details, but it involves making two approaches, a hold, some general handing and simulating an engine failure.
So far, I think they’ve been going well and I’m making progress, I just need to stop making silly mistakes! Fortunately, we’ve got another 6 lessons to practice for the test before we sit a mock test and then the real thing. It’s odd to think that it’s now so close!

But now, it’s time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a great festive season and I shall update you all again in the New Year when we are back in the aircraft for our final flights of training.

Simulated flying around the UK

Once again, I’ve become slack at giving updates on how the course has been going – it’s been a very busy start to this phase of the training! But it’s been worth it, I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

These past couple of weeks have seen our course in the simulator flying to various airports around the UK. We started by doing orientation flights to familiarise ourselves with the much busier UK airspace. The next stage was starting to make us think about commercial flying.
We are placed in a simulated situation whereby we have to fly a passenger from one airport to another. The flight is usually conducted in bad weather conditions and we have to make all the decisions along the flight and this includes the fact that we may have to divert to another airfield.

The flights so far have been going well for me and they’re going along quite quickly. Out of the 20 flights that are done in this phase of training, we’ve already done 8. At this rate, we’ll be finished by the middle of January.

Hopefully, next time I post an update, we’ll be flying the aircraft again and should have some pictures to share – making my posts a bit more interesting than they are at the moment!