Welcome back to the UK

After over 30 hours travelling, I’m back on UK soil and back to sleeping in my own bed at home!
It’s a great feeling to be back home and good to see my family again. Now it’s a packed 10 day break to see all of my friends.

I’d also like to say a big thank you to all the CTC staff in New Zealand for everything they’ve done for me these past 8 months. From my primary instructor, Tim, to the Clearways staff, Sarah, Anne, Sharon and Michael, they’ve been there to help us every step of the way.

I’d also like to just have a quick mention for everyone in Waikato Rovers for making me feel so welcome whilst I was out there and to Hillcrest Venturers where I was a leader too.

I’ve met loads of great people whilst in New Zealand and it’s thanks to these people that I enjoyed my time in New Zealand so much.

Goodbye New Zealand!

After 8 months here, the time has now come for me to leave the country and head back home to the UK. As I write this, all of our course are frantically rushing round making sure that rooms are clean, bags are packed and boarding passes are printed off.

However, leaving isn’t the biggest news I have this week – I now have my Commercial Pilot’s Licence!
I had to split my test over two days due to weather, but I finally completed it last Thursday and it was a huge relief when I found out that I had passed.

That brings an end to this stage of the training and now all the paperwork has been completed, I just need to think about getting home.

We start our instrument rating training in Bournemouth on the 25th November, so I get a short break at home before setting off down South again.

Bon Voyage

6 months ago, I was preparing to move down to Dibden Manor before starting the ground school course at CTC’s Nursling centre.
Now I’m on my way to Manchester Airport to board a plane to Auckland. How time flies!

We leave Manchester just after 8pm UK time and arrive in Auckland just before 2pm on Friday (NZ time) – an awfully long journey! Fortunately, time difference of 13 hours is included but it is still a long flight.

There are six of us flying out from Manchester and we’re meeting the rest of our course in Dubai before catching the A380 to Auckland (stopping briefly in Melbourne)

I can’t wait and it promises to be a good trip.
I’m hoping to get some good pictures of us all whilst travelling and when we first arrive in New Zealand.

So, until I land – bon voyage and safe travels to the whole of CP100 as we transit the globe.