Preparing for New Zealand

Now that we have finished our time in ground school at Nurlsing, I’m now looking ahead to the flying in New Zealand.
In the ten days that I have off, I am trying to visit as many people as I possibly can – a challenge that is proving to be harder than first thought! There are just too many people to catch up with and not enough time in the day.

I also have to admit that it feels a bit odd sitting at home and not having to do any CBT or Question Bank. After constantly doing it for 5 months, it feels as though it has become part of my routine and now I don’t have to do it. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but for the short term it feels wrong!

Before leaving Southampton though, I was helping out at the CTC Wings Open Day on Saturday and it was so good to see more people like myself, with a dream of training to become a pilot. I hope you all found it useful and enlightening, as well as enjoying, especially if you got into the simulators!
I did manage to get into a simulator again and got a couple of hours in as a psuedo training captain (basically making sure everything was running properly and we didn’t crash!) The potential pilots I ended up flying next to all seemed really determined and I’d say that you should keep that mentality up!
If you still have questions, both my contact details and details on how to get in touch with CTC can be found on the Contact page.

We are still waiting for confirmation of our flights to New Zealand, but I have now been assured that they are booked, so it looks like I am leaving the UK on the evening of the 20th March to head out to New Zealand. I can’t wait!

Mocks on the horizon

Firstly, let me apologise for not posting for about two weeks. The workload has been really high recently and I just haven’t had time to write a post. SORRY!

So, what’s been happening. Well, as I’ve already mentioned, a lot of work! I have finished six of the seven subjects that we are taking in our first module and we’ve nearly finished the seventh. The downside to this, it heralds the start of our mocks.
We have three days of mocks, starting this Friday. I feel pretty confident as I’m managing to just about pass practice papers from the question bank, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Away from the classroom, this weekend saw a CTC Open Day take place and I went along to help out. John Monk, Training Regulations & Development Manager for British Airways, was there as a guest speaker along with around 1000 guests. The day was quite hectic but I did manage to get myself in the simulator for about 3 hours thanks to Charlie and Carl and loved every minute of it!
I hope anyone with a dream of becoming a pilot that went along enjoyed the day and it encouraged them to apply.

In other news, I have also rejoined Scouting! I’m helping out at Spartan Explorers which turns out to be just up the road from our house. Dad has sent me my uniform and they seem to be a good group. Going to have a good four months with them.