ATPL Theory is over!

I can’t believe it – after 166 days of groundschool, it’s all over!
I think that this week went quite well, I’m just not overly confident about the Performance exam, but we’ll have to wait and see!

But now we’re finished, it’s odd knowing that I don’t have to  be doing any CBT or any Question Bank. After 5 months, it doesn’t feel right!

Today we have our second Airline Preparation Day. It’s going to be review of our training these past 5 months as well as starting to develop the ‘non-technical’ skills required to be a pilot and looking ahead to our time in New Zealand.

And speaking of New Zealand, we have found out where we will be staying.

This is Clearways, CTC’s purpose built accommodation centre out in New Zealand and I’ve been placed here. The majority of CP100 have ended up here, although a few are in Peachgrove Studios, in the centre of town.
It should be a great place to live as there are also cadets from the other courses here, giving it a good atmosphere and allowing us the chance to chat to the more senior cadets about the flying.

On the theme of accommodation, back in the UK, I’m moving out of our house here in Hamble on Sunday, after helping out at the CTC Open Day on the Saturday.
Will be sad to leave the house but really looking forward to getting home, relaxing and seeing my mates.

Photo Credits
Clearways – CTC Aviation

Exam Week – Round 2

So, exams have come around once more. I can’t believe that it was 12 weeks since our last CAA exams and we are now entering our last week of groundschool.

“Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”

– John Wooden

I feel as though I’m ready for them, but I know that I can’t rest on my laurels and not do more revision – I already feel bad for having taken two afternoons off this week!

We shall have to wait and see how they go but for now, I just have to focus on them and remember that in just over two weeks time, I will be heading off to New Zealand.

Just two weeks of groundschool left

The end is in sight! Having completed my mocks this week, CP100 are now on the home straight. In just two weeks time, we will be having our last day at Nursling for quite a while, our second Airline Preparation Day. The next time we’ll be back at Nursling is the the Airline Qualification Course at the very end of the course.

As for my mocks, I did extremely well – better than I thought I would. I went into them thinking that I’d be happy to just get passes in all 7 but I ended up walking away with an average above 90%! I’m amazed as I really worried about a couple of the subjects.
Now I just have to keep up the hard work – and the motivation – for just over a week as I continue to prepare for the actual exams, which start a week on Monday.

Fingers crossed they go as well as these mocks did!

Ground school is nearly over

I can’t quite believe it – tomorrow is our last day in the classroom for ground school! After that, we have 3 days of mocks and then our exam week. That’s it! It’s all come and gone so quickly.

And to top off our time in the classroom, we had a former air medical examiner (aviation doctor) in to talk to us about Human Performance and Limitations. To finish the talk, and the day, he brought in goggles that make your right eye appear to be your left and vice versa. Our challenge, walk in a straight line.
It sounds easy enough and nothing seems to be wrong when you first put the goggles on. Then you try to walk… It becomes a whole new ball game! As a class, we all had a go, with varying levels of success. I had one of the more ‘notable’ moments, stumbling over my own feet trying to recover from a momentary wobble – much to the amusement of the rest of the class!


In other news, my visa came through today – they’re letting me into New Zealand!
I’m also glad that it means I have my passport back and don’t have to just rely on my driving licence for identification.

Now it’s a case of applying for a bank account and a couple of other things to make sure that everything is in place by the time I’m out there. It’s not long now – I’m expecting to fly out on the 20th March. One challenge I’m going to have is fitting in seeing everyone before I leave. I had a huge challenge at Christmas and this time I have more people to see in the same amount of time… I’m sure I’ll cope!