One month on

Last week we moved house and we it seems to be a good house, although there were a few bits and pieces missing. I have got the smallest room though but I think that I’ve managed to utilise the room’s space and fitted a big desk in there, so I’ll make do with it.

In other news, we’ve nearly finished our third groundschool subject, Air Law. We’ve got one more day to finish it in lessons next week, although I have already jumped ahead on the CBT and finished it. (Yes, I know that’s rather geeky!)
That now makes it Principles of Flight, Aircraft General Knowledge, Air Law and Comms (another one of my pre-learning sessions on the CBT!)

This week also saw CP101 have their Meet & Greet and APD. This means that we’re no longer the ‘babys’ of CTC. We have four of them staying next door to us and I wish them all the best as they start on their journey.

So we’ve started

CP100 have now started the course and we have now completed the Meet and Greet and our APD.

I have now also settled into my accommodation. The room is a little bit small and my desk is the size of a ledge, put there’s just enough room for everything, so all is good.

I will try to upload some photos from the past few days when I get a chance, I have to wait for Dad to send them to me…

Just one week to go!

So, I have just under one week to go before I go to the Meet & Greet for CP100!

There really isn’t long left now and I’m starting to get my things together so that I can pack them all up at the start of next week. I don’t want to be leaving it to the last minute as I normally do with packing!

I have also received the details of where I will be staying whilst I’m in Southampton, well, sort of!

Unfortunately, CTC have run out of normal cadet accommodation, so they have put myself and three others in Dibden Manor. We’ll be staying here for about three weeks and then we move into normal accommodation.

However, it’s not too bad as it’s CTC’s Headquarters! And whilst we’re there, we get bed, breakfast and evening meal, so we don’t have to cook for a while!

I’ve also found out that I’m going to be leaving home at about 06:30 next Thursday so that we can get down to Southampton, check into my room, drop off my luggage and then get to the Meet & Greet. I’ve hardly been awake before 07:30 for weeks, let alone dressed and ready to go! Think it’ll be a bit of a shock to my system!

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Dibden Manor –

Starting to sink in

This week sees all the kids in the area return to school. It’s something that I’ve done for the past 14 years and now, as I’m sat here at home on a school day, it feels odd for me to have not gone back to school.

Of course, I have my flight school course starting in just over two weeks but the fact I’m not getting back into the school day routine like everyone else just seems strange!

But, as I just mentioned, there’s just over two weeks left to go until the course’s ‘Meet and Greet’ day, when I finally get to meet everyone on my course and find out where I’ll be living (and who with!)

And to all those who have told me that ‘I’ll miss out on the university experience’, I don’t think so as we’ve already planned one night out and I’m sure there’ll be more to follow!