Technical Ground School

I’m now two weeks into my training with Flybe and so far it’s been very good! Our first week involved getting to know more about Flybe and embracing the ‘Purple Way’ – when they said that joining Flybe was going to involve a lot of purple, they weren’t wrong! Our course also undertook our wet drills which involved getting into the swimming pool and learning how to use life jackets.

The last week has been all about learning more about the Dash 8 Q400 which I’m going to be flying. It has been very similar to ATPL study but a lot more condensed and all about one specific type of aircraft. Personally, I’ve found it a lot easier to understand, especially as I can reference it all to one specific type of plane rather than the theoretical ones you use during the ATPLs.

The next two weeks will see me complete the ground school element of the course and also look at some operational procedures that Flybe use. Our simulator sessions have been scheduled for March and hopefully our first flights will be in early April.

We also found out this week that we’re getting some jump seat rides at the start of March and for me, this involves heading over to Belfast and spending the day with a crew over there. I can’t wait to see everything actually in action!

Away from the studying, we have been going out for meals as a course and treating the non Brits on the course to proper fish and chips at the beach in Exmouth despite it being bitterly cold on the coast!

AQC going well

We have already completed one week of our AQC course and the first week saw us looking at operating in a multi crew environment and improving our non technical skills. This was achieved by looking at various frameworks and models which we can use in the cockpit.

We still have two more weeks and these weeks see us in the simulator for 9 details in which we will be improving our multi crew skills. The simulator is CTC’s fixed base Boeing 737-300 simulator, so we’ll also be learning how to handle jets.
It’s definitely going to be a set up from what we were used to in the DA42 as it’s bigger, faster and heavier. There are also a lot of memory items which we have to know – all in line with the SOPs which we have been given.

It’s going to be a good two weeks, but a busy one as the details are all 4 hours long and we have to do all of the prep for them in the time that we’re not in the simulator and the sims range from starting at 8am to ending at midnight!