And so Module 2 begins

Even though our Module 1 exams only ended last week, we’ve already had one really intense week of work so far as Module 2 began.
We’ve already made a start on Performance and General Navigation, and we were only in for three day – it felt a lot longer than that!

The work is also starting to rack up as we go back to the CBT once again. Once again, I’m just trying to keep on top of it so that I can make a start on the Question Bank and also have some time off over Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, we’re only here for another week before we have our Christmas break. We don’t get long off, I’m only going home for a week, but it will be a much wanted break, even if we have to still do some work.

I feel most sorry for the guys on CP101 as they have got their first exams as soon as we come back after Christmas, so have to work extra hard. Hope it all goes well guys.

On the topic of shout outs, found out last night that a couple of guys from CP103 have been reading my blog and they started on the course last Thursday. Best of luck guys as you start your training. Feel free to ask me any questions you guys have, either via comments or email –