Graduation and Basing

This last week has been very good for me as I graduated from CTC and received news of where I’m going to be based with Flybe and get my official start date. Firstly, I’ll start with my graduation.
Be aware – there are lots of pictures in this update!



After all of the hard work of the last 2 years, I have now officially graduated from CTC Aviation! Last weekend, CTC held their annual graduation ceremony and we were all presented with graduation certificates and commemorative crystal blocks to recognise our graduation.



Our guest speaker was Willie Walsh, the CEO of International Airlines Group, and he gave a very good speech about his journey into the industry.
Aside from all of the formalities, it was very nice to be able to catch up with everyone who I’ve been through training with again.

After the graduation ceremony in the afternoon, CTC held a black tie graduation ball in the evening for all graduating pilots – a chance for us to all let our hair down and enjoy the evening!

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole event and it was a fantastic way to end my time with CTC. Looking back at where I am now, I certainly made the right choice in training to be a pilot and I’ve met some amazing people whilst training.

And off the back of finishing CTC, I have now found out that I shall be starting my type rating with Flybe on the 2nd February next year, so there really isn’t long to wait!
I have also found that I’m going to be based up in Aberdeen once my training is completed, so that is certainly going to provide me with some great experiences as I start flying passengers around the country.

Finally, I would like to wish all of my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Landing away from Hamilton

Since my last post, I’ve not actually had that many flights but have been cancelled numerous times due to weather.

I have, however, managed to get my two solo nav flights completed and saw some great views in the process.


My first solo nav was up to the North of the North Island whilst my second took me down South with great views of the high ground and volcanoes that are down there (the picture on the right is of Mt Ruapehu and Mt Naurhoe, two of the highest points on the North Island)

I have also completed my last dual navigation flight, which saw me do my first landings away from Hamilton at Rotorua and Tauranga. To make the flight even harder, I had to do it under ‘instrument conditions’, meaning I couldn’t look outside and had to fly solely using the instrument panel – quite tricky!
But with that flight passed I am now no longer limited on the routes that I’m allowed to fly. It now becomes my choice and I have plans to get all over the North Island!

Away from the flying, CP100 decided that, as a course, we were missing roast dinners, so cooked a big one for all of us!

We didn’t skimp out on anything – it was a roast dinner with all the trimmings. We even made our own yorkshire puddings!
I think it’s safe to say that it was enjoyed by all and something that we definitely need to do again sometime.

Photo Credits
Roast Dinner – Richard Williamson

Bon Voyage

6 months ago, I was preparing to move down to Dibden Manor before starting the ground school course at CTC’s Nursling centre.
Now I’m on my way to Manchester Airport to board a plane to Auckland. How time flies!

We leave Manchester just after 8pm UK time and arrive in Auckland just before 2pm on Friday (NZ time) – an awfully long journey! Fortunately, time difference of 13 hours is included but it is still a long flight.

There are six of us flying out from Manchester and we’re meeting the rest of our course in Dubai before catching the A380 to Auckland (stopping briefly in Melbourne)

I can’t wait and it promises to be a good trip.
I’m hoping to get some good pictures of us all whilst travelling and when we first arrive in New Zealand.

So, until I land – bon voyage and safe travels to the whole of CP100 as we transit the globe.

ATPL Theory is over!

I can’t believe it – after 166 days of groundschool, it’s all over!
I think that this week went quite well, I’m just not overly confident about the Performance exam, but we’ll have to wait and see!

But now we’re finished, it’s odd knowing that I don’t have to  be doing any CBT or any Question Bank. After 5 months, it doesn’t feel right!

Today we have our second Airline Preparation Day. It’s going to be review of our training these past 5 months as well as starting to develop the ‘non-technical’ skills required to be a pilot and looking ahead to our time in New Zealand.

And speaking of New Zealand, we have found out where we will be staying.

This is Clearways, CTC’s purpose built accommodation centre out in New Zealand and I’ve been placed here. The majority of CP100 have ended up here, although a few are in Peachgrove Studios, in the centre of town.
It should be a great place to live as there are also cadets from the other courses here, giving it a good atmosphere and allowing us the chance to chat to the more senior cadets about the flying.

On the theme of accommodation, back in the UK, I’m moving out of our house here in Hamble on Sunday, after helping out at the CTC Open Day on the Saturday.
Will be sad to leave the house but really looking forward to getting home, relaxing and seeing my mates.

Photo Credits
Clearways – CTC Aviation