I guess this means I’m a qualified pilot!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote my last update and in that time, a lot has happened!

Firstly, I finished the AQC. The 9 sim details went well (or at least I think they did, I’m still waiting for the feedback from our training manager!) and I feel like I learnt a lot from all of the details. I think it’s made me more aware of the challenges faced on a multi crew flight deck and they are quite often challenges that I didn’t think you’d have being two pilots.
1964828_10152233593712002_1572137766_nIt also gave us a chance to have a play with some of the systems on a Boeing 737 cockpit including the oxygen masks, as modelled here by Fraser!

We covered a range of problems, both system and human ones, and it has, hopefully, prepared us well for our type ratings and beyond.

IMG_3613The end of our AQC also means the end of my training with CTC. It seems like an age since I started my training and it has been my life for the past 18 months. But this morning, the fruits of my labour finally flourished with the arrival of my licence.

It means that I am now officially qualified to carry passengers for reward and I’ve got my Multi Engine Piston rating on there as well as my Single Engine Piston rating from my PPL (so I can essentially fly planes with any number of piston engines, provided they don’t need their own rating).

For now though, I am waiting to find a job in the industry. Fingers crossed the wait won’t be too long and I’ll hopefully be jetting passengers all across the continent very soon!

I would just like to finish off by thanking everyone who has supported me throughout my time on the course. It has been hard in places, but I’ve met some great people and had fantastic support from both friends and family at home and people I’ve met in New Zealand so thank you everyone!

Is this the end of your blog, I hear you ask – the answer is no! When I become employed by an airline, I hope to continue uploading my pictures and thoughts on how my training is going (providing it complies with their policies). So do keep checking back and follow me on Twitter where I post most of my stuff!

Picture Credits
Oxygen Mask: Fraser Cooper

PT1 – passed!

Another manic 10 days has just passed and once again I have been flying almost every day. But it’s been worth it as I’ve now passed PT1, our first flight test out here in New Zealand!

Having completed this flight and done all the night flights that I’m going to do, I’ve now finished the single engine VFR phase of the course. With that comes the fact that I’m probably not going to fly the Katana again or fly solo.
My flights from now on will all be dual flights and I’ll be using the simulator, the Cessna 172s and the Diamond DA42 Twinstars. Therefore, I can wave goodbye to the Katanas. I will miss them slightly as they were great fun to fly, but one thing I won’t miss is their starting abilities. Hopefully, whilst flying the next set of aircraft I won’t have to cancel so many flights due to not being able to start the plane.

I now have a couple of days off before starting on the IFR groundschool, which consists of 2 days being taught how to fly instrument approaches and getting used to the different ways of doing things compared to visual flying.

First week done in New Zealand

So, my first week in New Zealand is over and it’s been great! The weather has been warm and sunny since we got here and it’s been great to actually be near proper planes!

Unfortunately, we have had to be in classrooms learning Air Law and EASA/NZ Differences. But, now we’ve finished that syllabus, we just have to pass the exams on Wednesday and then we should be flying by the end of the week. Fingers crossed.

As for the flying, there were some changes as to what I would be flying. I started out by being told I was going to be on the Cessna 172 but I have now been able to swap across into the Diamond DA20 Katana as one of the guys on our course wanted to swap.
I’m quite happy with this as it seems to be quite similar to the Aquila that I used to fly, so hopefully I’ll be able to pick up all the technicalities quite quickly.


CP100 and CP99B

Away from the classroom, we’ve all been enjoying the good weather – cooking on the barbeques and playing volleyball.

Volleyball         Group-sunset

Unfortunately, the weather looks like it’s going to be turning towards the end of next week and we’re going to get rain. Better make the most of it whilst it lasts!

Photo Credits
DA20 – Richard Williamson
CP100 and CP99B – Richard Williamson
Group Sunset shot – Richard Williamson

Volleyball shots – Phil Turner

ATPL Theory is over!

I can’t believe it – after 166 days of groundschool, it’s all over!
I think that this week went quite well, I’m just not overly confident about the Performance exam, but we’ll have to wait and see!

But now we’re finished, it’s odd knowing that I don’t have to  be doing any CBT or any Question Bank. After 5 months, it doesn’t feel right!

Today we have our second Airline Preparation Day. It’s going to be review of our training these past 5 months as well as starting to develop the ‘non-technical’ skills required to be a pilot and looking ahead to our time in New Zealand.

And speaking of New Zealand, we have found out where we will be staying.

This is Clearways, CTC’s purpose built accommodation centre out in New Zealand and I’ve been placed here. The majority of CP100 have ended up here, although a few are in Peachgrove Studios, in the centre of town.
It should be a great place to live as there are also cadets from the other courses here, giving it a good atmosphere and allowing us the chance to chat to the more senior cadets about the flying.

On the theme of accommodation, back in the UK, I’m moving out of our house here in Hamble on Sunday, after helping out at the CTC Open Day on the Saturday.
Will be sad to leave the house but really looking forward to getting home, relaxing and seeing my mates.

Photo Credits
Clearways – CTC Aviation