This Is Me

I’m  from the North of England and I’m aiming to become an airline pilot.

In September, I started on the CTC Wings course (CP100) to complete all of my flying licenses with the ultimate goal of flying jumbo jets.

Over the next two years of my training I’m trying to keep everyone updated with how I’m doing and what I get up to, both here in the UK and when I go to New Zealand as part of my training.

But what about me at the moment? Well, I’ve already got my PPL and just over 60 hours under my belt in an Aquila A210. Alongside flying, I’m very involved with The Scout Association. Having joined when I was 6, I’ve worked my way up through the years and am now leading the county Media Team as well as helping out at a Scout group in my hometown of Barrowford. My involvement in Scouting gave me the opportunity to go to Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands for 3 weeks as part of the 22nd World Scout Jamboree.
Whilst on the course, I have taken up Scouting roles all around the world. I started off by becoming an Assistant Explorer Scout Leader with Spartan ESU in Bursledon whilst doing the theory in Nursling and went back during my instrument rating training in Bournemouth. In New Zealand, I did a similar role with Hillcrest Venturers (Explorer equivalent) and joined the Waikato Rovers (equivalent of Network).

In February 2015, I shall be starting to fly the Dash 8 Q400 for Flybe, based in Aberdeen.

However, now it’s time to start focussing on just the flying. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and hearing about my adventures across the world.

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