Only a couple more flights remain

With the festive period over, flying is now back in full swing and now I only have a couple more flights remaining before the instrument rating test, which will mark the end of our basic training with CTC.

After coming back after Christmas, I’ve moved back into the aircraft and we’ve started flying to various airports around the UK and practicing for our test flight. So far, I’ve flown to Alderney and Cardiff, as well as backseating flights to Exeter and Southampton. It feels good to be flying around the UK again and it’s good mixing in with the other traffic, of which there’s a lot more than in New Zealand.

So far, things seem to be improving each flight and I should be ready for test by the start of next week. Fingers crossed!

There should be some pictures coming in the next couple of days as I’ve had my camera in the back of the aircraft on these flights and after the weather that has been hitting the UK recently, I’ve been able to get some good pictures and video to share with you, so stay tuned for that!

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