Home, but back in Southampton soon

With my training over, I’m back at home now, but not for long! I am needed in Southampton to attend one of CTC’s Airline Preparation Days on Monday. This course will cover how to prepare for assessment days with the airlines amongst other things, so should definitely be an interesting afternoon.

It’s then back home for a week before heading back down to Southampton to start my Airline Qualification Course on the 3rd February. Things are picking up the pace now and parts of the course see us flying the Boeing 737 fixed base simulators! We’re starting to feel like real pilots now!

stripesTo go along with the real pilot feel, I now have new epaulettes having finished my basic training. My first stripes and the first step on the path to becoming a fully fledged captain sat in the left hand seat.

Once I finish the AQC, I will be going into CTC’s hold pool awaiting a job with an airline. Fingers crossed, I won’t be waiting too long, but aviation is a funny business where it seems to be booming one minute and dead quiet the next – we’ll just have to wait and see what it’s like when I get there.

Also, I have updated the photos page with a selection of photos from my flights in the UK.

My training in Bournemouth is at an end

The title says it all really, my course here in Bournemouth is now over after I completed my Instrument Rating test yesterday.

The flight went really well and involved me flying over to Exeter, making an approach there before having a simulated engine failure and then back to Bournemouth to fly down the Instrument Landing System and into a low level circuit around the airfield to land.
In my eyes, the flight went really well and the examiner didn’t have too much to say about it, which is always a good sign!

I’m now in the process of filling in all of the paperwork for my licence application and being signed out of Bournemouth and finding out information on the next phase of my training, the Airline Qualification Course, which takes place back in Nursling, Southampton.

And to leave you with a scary thought, the next plane I will physically fly is likely to be an A320!

Only a couple more flights remain

With the festive period over, flying is now back in full swing and now I only have a couple more flights remaining before the instrument rating test, which will mark the end of our basic training with CTC.

After coming back after Christmas, I’ve moved back into the aircraft and we’ve started flying to various airports around the UK and practicing for our test flight. So far, I’ve flown to Alderney and Cardiff, as well as backseating flights to Exeter and Southampton. It feels good to be flying around the UK again and it’s good mixing in with the other traffic, of which there’s a lot more than in New Zealand.

So far, things seem to be improving each flight and I should be ready for test by the start of next week. Fingers crossed!

There should be some pictures coming in the next couple of days as I’ve had my camera in the back of the aircraft on these flights and after the weather that has been hitting the UK recently, I’ve been able to get some good pictures and video to share with you, so stay tuned for that!