Simulated flying around the UK

Once again, I’ve become slack at giving updates on how the course has been going – it’s been a very busy start to this phase of the training! But it’s been worth it, I’ve really enjoyed it so far.

These past couple of weeks have seen our course in the simulator flying to various airports around the UK. We started by doing orientation flights to familiarise ourselves with the much busier UK airspace. The next stage was starting to make us think about commercial flying.
We are placed in a simulated situation whereby we have to fly a passenger from one airport to another. The flight is usually conducted in bad weather conditions and we have to make all the decisions along the flight and this includes the fact that we may have to divert to another airfield.

The flights so far have been going well for me and they’re going along quite quickly. Out of the 20 flights that are done in this phase of training, we’ve already done 8. At this rate, we’ll be finished by the middle of January.

Hopefully, next time I post an update, we’ll be flying the aircraft again and should have some pictures to share – making my posts a bit more interesting than they are at the moment!

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