The Bournemouth Phase Commences…

After a busy week at home trying to see all of my family and as many friends as I could, I’ve now moved down to Bournemouth where we’ll be completing our instrument rating.

I’m all settled in our house for this 8 week phase of training which sees us start off in the sims before going back onto the Twinstar to finish our training.

I’m hoping that, having done a lot of instrument flying in New Zealand, the transition to flying in UK airspace is going to be pretty straight forward. I know that it’s busier than in New Zealand and, as a result of that, the radio is busier, but hoping that it’s still similar procedurally! I should be able to let you know after my first couple of sims!

I also have to get used to driving a manual car again as I’ve only been driving properly in New Zealand and there I owned an automatic. It’s pretty poor to say that I can fly a plane but I potentially struggle to drive a car!

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