Back to IFR flying

My recent Twinstar flights have all been conducted in visual conditions and use of the cockpit instruments has been discouraged to an extent. But now that I’ve finished that block of flights, it’s back under the hood I go as we start to do instrument flights in the Twinstar.
However, we’ve got a block of sims to come in which we’ll practice the last few things that we need to know for our second progress test which is just around the corner now. I’m most looking forward to being taught how to fly down the Instrument Landing System as then you really do feel like you’re operating in the commercial aviation world.

However, looking back, I’ve now been taught how to cope in the Twinstar if an engine fails – scary stuff I know! However, once you get the hang of it and have control of the aircraft, asymmetric flying becomes relatively normal.
I have to admit that it felt weird when we shut down an engine in the air…


The engine is actually stopped, it’s not just an illusion with the camera!

Having completed a few flights on the Twinstar now, I can certainly say that I’m enjoying it and that it’s the best aircraft I’ve flown so far. It’s got great power from the engines, you get to places relatively quickly and it can handle being thrown about a bit in the skies – a very versatile aircraft and I like it!

Also, it looks like our course is getting to go on some flyaways in the next couple of weeks, so fingers crossed we get to go and can head down towards the South Island!

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