Finally flown the Twinstar

After a long time of waiting and three cancellations later, I’ve finally managed to fly the DA42!
Yesterday afternoon, I went up for my first ever experience of flying a twin engine aircraft and I must admit that it didn’t disappoint! We covered all the usuals – flying straight and level, medium and steep turns, stalling – as well as looking at emergency descents. Descending at 6000 feet per minute is quite scary!

18L app Twinstar






Top: Approaching 18L at Hamilton
Bottom Left: Sunset over the wing of the Twinstar
Bottom Right: Flying along in the Twinstar

This week, I’ve also been back in the simulator looking at using the NDB to do tracking, holds and approaches, instead of using the VOR as we have been doing on our IFR flight up until now.

And it looks as if the flying is going to be fairly rapid and continous these coming weeks as CP99 are now doing their CPL Skills Tests – congratulations to all of you who have passed so far! That means that we (CP100) are soon going to become the most senior European course out here, with our skills test just around the corner.

2 thoughts on “Finally flown the Twinstar

  1. Hi! Question about your emergency descent. I’ve been taught to set full flaps – as much drag as possible – and then descend at max Vfe. How were you thaught? Just wondering. 🙂 Thanks for your posts!

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