Things don’t always go to plan!

So, last blog post I alluded to the fact that my next flight was going to be in the Twinstar – well, that didn’t happen! Weather meant that I had to cancel the flight unfortunately. We did manage to do our last block of groundschool though, so it wasn’t a completely wasted day.

Since then, I’ve completed my first SPIC (Supervised Pilot in Command) flight. These flights are where the instructors leave virtually everything up to us. This means it’s our choice of routes, speeds, altitudes and all air related decisions.
I chose to fly from Hamilton to overhead Rotorua and then onwards to make an approach at Tauranga before coming back to Hamilton. All was going really well up until Tauranga where my instructor decided I was doing too well and threw in a ‘problem’. He simulated that there was severe turbulence on the standard IFR route back from Tauranga and asked me what I was going to do. So, calmly, I studied my charts and found and alternative route back to Hamilton and flew it. I think I coped with it well – the instructor didn’t say anything negative about it!
Just before reaching Hamilton, he threw another problem at me and again I dealt with it swiftly and calmly.
Overall, I think it was one of my best flights to date! (Although I must admit that it did help being allowed to use the autopilot!)

As promised, I’ve got some more photos, these are courtesy of James Linsell who backseated my flight.



Lining up to take off on 36R at Hamilton

Lining up on 36R at Hamilton Airport, preparing to take off

Coming in on the approach to Tauranga

On the GPS approach into Tauranga Airport (the airport is just to the left of the compass)

Looking down the harbour at Tauranga

Looking down the beach at Tauranga from final approach with Mt Maunganui in the distance

And, as a final note, today marks exactly 7 weeks until I leave New Zealand! It’s odd to think that I’ve come so far in just over 6 months and I still have so far to go in these remaining weeks.

Note: I have just updated the photos page and the videos page with things I’ve been doing over the past couple of weeks. Go check them out!

Photo Credits
All photos in the post – James Linsell

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