Moving onto the Twinstar

Firstly, I apologise for the lack of updates recently. I’ll be totally honest, I haven’t done anything noteworthy! I’ve either been doing flights where I haven’t got any good pictures or been sitting in my room and eating cake that I was given in exchange for moving furniture.

On a more flying related note, tomorrow sees me take control of the Twinstar for the first time. I can’t wait – I just hope the weather holds up as these first few flights are meant to be under VFR conditions, so good weather is required.

Looking back at what I’ve been up to, I’ve finished practicing holds and approaches in the Cessna and have now moved onto flying routes in instrument conditions. To do this, we flew from Hamilton to Rotorua and then onto Whakatane. It was a great flight and the weather was really clear, so got to see some great views of further down New Zealand’s east coast.

Fingers crossed my flight goes ahead tomorrow and my next update should have some pictures!

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