PT1 – passed!

Another manic 10 days has just passed and once again I have been flying almost every day. But it’s been worth it as I’ve now passed PT1, our first flight test out here in New Zealand!

Having completed this flight and done all the night flights that I’m going to do, I’ve now finished the single engine VFR phase of the course. With that comes the fact that I’m probably not going to fly the Katana again or fly solo.
My flights from now on will all be dual flights and I’ll be using the simulator, the Cessna 172s and the Diamond DA42 Twinstars. Therefore, I can wave goodbye to the Katanas. I will miss them slightly as they were great fun to fly, but one thing I won’t miss is their starting abilities. Hopefully, whilst flying the next set of aircraft I won’t have to cancel so many flights due to not being able to start the plane.

I now have a couple of days off before starting on the IFR groundschool, which consists of 2 days being taught how to fly instrument approaches and getting used to the different ways of doing things compared to visual flying.

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