Seeing the sights of New Zealand

After seemingly always having my feet on the ground last month, this month has seen me constantly booked in to fly – and I’m not complaining!
It’s allowed me to make the most of the relatively nice weather and I’ve used to to see a lot more of New Zealand.

Auckland from 4500ftSince my last update, I’ve been further away from Hamilton than before. The other day, I decided to go north of Auckland and take in the views from up there.
The conditions were fantastic and the views – stunning!
Routing from island to island on my way round

737-turning-finalTo get such good views required me to get up to a high altitude and that meant talking to Auckland Control.
Now, this may not sound like much, but it meant I was talking alongside commercial traffic, including 737s, 777s, A320s and potentially also A380s!
It definitely gave my flight a very commercial feel to it as I was frequently having to talk to the controller asking for height and heading changes to stick to my planned route.

My next few flights are also navigation flights but my first flight test is just around the corner and, once that is completed, I’ll soon be moving onto the IFR and Multi Engine flying