Fog, fog and more fog

I apologise for a lack of updates in the past few weeks. It’s not due to me being too busy, unfortunately it’s due to weather once more.
Hamilton has a nasty habit of being really foggy in the mornings and it’s meaning that virtually all morning flights are just being written off due to the fog that isn’t clearing until about 1pm.

However, the flights that I have managed to slot in have been good flights. Firstly, I did my night flight (we are meant to have three during the single engine phase but I took two out as I already have my night rating). Hamilton looks absolutely amazing at night and it was good to be able to go up and just get back into the procedures required for night flying as I haven’t done it in over 18 months.

ScreenHunter_0046Another interesting flight was completed this morning. For the first time during my navigation flights, I got to choose my route and I decided to head up towards Pauanui Beach, towards the top of the Coromandel Peninsula. The airfield is essentially the back gardens of some houses and is available for anyone to use.
The image on the right is a screenshot from Google Earth of the airfield.

The flight also saw me go into airspace as ‘controlled VFR’ for the first time whilst out here in New Zealand.

So, whilst I may not have been flying an awful lot this month, at least I’ve been enjoying the flights I have had and hopefully the fog holds off for a little while and I can get some more flights in.

Whilst not flying, I have been reading up on things that I need to know for our first flight test which is going to be in a month’s time. I’ve been reading the aircraft’s flight manual and the Air Information Publication (AIP). Not the most thrilling of reads, but very useful to know their contents!
It has also given me a chance to answer your questions, as I promised in my last post. The answers can be found on this page.

I may not be getting to fly much, but at least I’m using my time productively!

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