Kia Ora – Welcome to New Zealand

I’m here! Finally, after almost 6 months of ground school in Nursling, I am now out here in sunny Hamilton, New Zealand.
It has been glorious weather since we arrived and I’m loving it – especially when you compare it to the snow that is falling in the UK!

Unfortunately, I’m not yet up in the sky flying. We have a week and a half of ground school first. We have to complete the NZ PPL Air Law and do an EASA/NZ Differences paper.
Hopefully, it’ll be a breeze and I’ll be flying by the end of next week, but we’ll wait and see.

But, even though I’m not flying yet, I have found out what I’ll be flying. I’ve been assigned to the Cessna 172, so I’ll be flying on that probably up until the multi-engine phase of my training.
It will be different to fly compared with the Aquila that I’m used to and would have preferred the DA20 Katana as that would have been more like the Aquila, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it rather quickly!

UPDATE: I’m now actually going to be flying the Diamond DA20 as someone wanted to swap to fly the Cessna.

2 thoughts on “Kia Ora – Welcome to New Zealand

  1. Hi Matt, i’m on cp102 and was just wondering if you used your own JEPP charts for the flight planning exam as no one at CTC can give me a decent answer.

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