Sim sessions and more

These past couple of weeks have seen sim sessions be like buses – you wait ages for one and then a few come at once. Okay, I know that’s not the exact saying, but it sums up my point!
I’ve been on the course now for 4 months and in that time, we had a simulator session a couple of weeks in and after that we didn’t go back in. But in the past two weeks, I’ve been in twice! Once just because our instructor wanted to get us flying and a second time for actual educational purposes (not that flying into the Tower at London Gatwick isn’t educational!)

This week’s sim session was fantastic. We ended up taking a flight from the middle of Wales up to Caernarfon, out to Wallasey, up towards Blackpool and then turned around to come back down towards Bristol. We ended the session by doing a bad weather NDB approach into Bristol Airport.
To put the approach in simple terms, flying through the clouds until 250ft above the ground and only using an instrument that points towards the airport to navigate on.
You can see how it went by heading over to the videos page where there’s a video of the approach. (Direct Link)

But I can’t see us going into the sim again before we head off to New Zealand as we only have 9 more teaching days to go – a scary thought. And in these 9 days, we have two subjects to cover, Ops and Human Performance.
Now it really is just a case of buckling down with the work and just keep it all ticking over because due to the more practical nature of this second module, I fear that neglecting one subject in favour of another could make it difficult to pick up the neglected subject again. All it means is a lot of hard work for the coming weeks – but if it means passing the exams, I guess it’s worth it.

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