Going to a land down under

During the progress through ground school, there’s always been that one thought at the back of my mind – the prospect of getting out to New Zealand.

The student visa application formAnd that prospect is getting closer now! Earlier this week, we received our visa application forms which I’m now in the process of filling in.

All being well, I should receive confirmation of my visa being issued within 6 weeks.
Fortunately, this is the only bit of paperwork to be done, but there are lots of other actions (mainly financial ones) to be done to be granted access to the country.

But it’ll all be worth it!

Back on the ground, we’re just going through the final parts of General Navigation, meaning that we’re down to just three more subjects to be taught in the classroom for Module 2 – Ops, Radio Navigation and Human Performance. And out of those, I’ve already started on the CBT for them, so I should be able to get on with Question Bank for the whole of Module 2 very shortly.

Photo Credits
Visa application form – Maria Stone

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