Where does time go?

Whilst this sounds like the start of a laborious rhetorical question that could be found in a science journal, it’s a question that I seem to be asking myself an awful lot at the moment.

Since starting the course back in September, time has just seem to have flown by with my first set of exams coming and going in what seemed like much less than two and a half months and now the second set of exams are just just over 5 weeks away and we’ve nearly finished all of the groundschool material for them.
That means that in just six weeks time, we’ll have finished all 14 ATPL Theory exams – scary!

But back in the present, Radio Navigation is the next subject that we have tackled in the classroom, with us being taught about all the navigation aids that we’ll use in the cockpit. And as our instructor knows it’s hard to visualise it all in the classroom, he’s booked the simulators out for the afternoons and evenings of next week.
I’m getting to go in on Tuesday with a session at 1915 that should last about two hours. It’ll be good to get to use the instruments hands on and have a go at using them for real – and flying instrument approaches into airports!

All the fun aside, in my opinion it’s a fantastic way to learn and I wish we could do it more often, but obviously there is only limited simulator time and it has to be prioritised towards those on the AQC and Type Rating courses.


Going to a land down under

During the progress through ground school, there’s always been that one thought at the back of my mind – the prospect of getting out to New Zealand.

The student visa application formAnd that prospect is getting closer now! Earlier this week, we received our visa application forms which I’m now in the process of filling in.

All being well, I should receive confirmation of my visa being issued within 6 weeks.
Fortunately, this is the only bit of paperwork to be done, but there are lots of other actions (mainly financial ones) to be done to be granted access to the country.

But it’ll all be worth it!

Back on the ground, we’re just going through the final parts of General Navigation, meaning that we’re down to just three more subjects to be taught in the classroom for Module 2 – Ops, Radio Navigation and Human Performance. And out of those, I’ve already started on the CBT for them, so I should be able to get on with Question Bank for the whole of Module 2 very shortly.

Photo Credits
Visa application form – Maria Stone

Module 2 continues

To say we’ve only just come back after our Christmas break, it really isn’t a case of being eased in gently. We’ve been getting on with General Navigation in class and I’ve been looking ahead to Human Performance on the CBT.

However, one thing I will say about this module, it’s much more hands on and stuff that we’ll probably use in the flight deck (alright, that was two, but the point still stands)

The scary thing to think of is that, looking ahead, we only have 5 weeks of teaching remaining… Time just seems to fly by nowadays!

Happy New Year!

Thank you to everyone who has been following my journey since I started this blog six months ago and I hope that as we go into the New Year, you all continue to check up on how I’m doing as I head out to New Zealand and come back at the end of the year to finish off my commercial flight training.

Hope 2013 brings you what you want