End of Module 1

On Thursday, I finished the first 7 of my EASA ATPL exams. I think that it went well on the whole, although I’m not sure how the Instruments paper went… I suppose we’ll have to wait and see when the results are published in about 2 weeks time.

On the topic of exams, I seem to now have a reputation within my course for completing the exams very quickly. So quickly in fact that it’s thought I may have set a new CAA record for the time taken to complete the VFR Comms paper – 2 and a half minutes for the half hour paper! I just hope that I haven’t made any silly mistakes.

But now, I have the weekend off and I managed to plan a surprise for my mum. Dad and I managed to arrange for me to come home without her knowing. She was very surprised when I appeared at the train station. Only the weather let us down as Dad had to tell her I was coming home as they were driving to the station and snow was causing havoc on the roads.

But I’m only home for the weekend as Module 2 starts again on Monday morning as we start doing Performance. So I’m heading back down tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon but this weekend is a whistle-stop tour of the North seeing as many people as I can.


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