Mocks are over, but the revision keeps on coming

Today saw CP100 finish our mock exams for Module 1!
It went really well for me, but I obviously can’t comment for everyone on the course.

What it has flagged up for all of us, I think, is where our weaknesses lie and this should allow us to focus our revision on that over the coming 12 days before our real exams start. I certainly know for me that I just need to remember some of the facts and stop making silly mistakes!

And as I just mentioned, we are now off for 12 days. It will be a lot of work but just think, in three weeks time, it’ll all be over and we’ll have started Module 2! (Actually, I don’t know if that’s something to get excited about…)

But tonight, it’s time for a night off the work and just time to relax.

3 thoughts on “Mocks are over, but the revision keeps on coming

  1. Hi Matt,
    Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your blog. I am very much hoping to make it to CTC in the near (ideally!) future, being as I am in the process of leaving the Royal Navy. I have applied through the BA FPP, but we shall see. Everything I’ve read so far only makes me more keen – please do keep it up! Oh, and congratulations on the results so far.


    • Thank Ben!
      One thing I’ll say is don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get onto the BA FPP scheme as it’s extremely competitive. If you pass the CTC stages, you’ll be in a good position to reapply for the CTC Wings course


      • Absolutely – I’m certainly not pinning my hopes on the FPP, and intend to apply for CTC Wings should I make it through the inital stages. It looks like fantastic fun, although clearly hard work!

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