Half-way through Module 1

We’ve now finished our first five weeks of ground school and we’ve done so much in these first weeks. However, the depressing thought is that our first set of exams are now five weeks away, meaning that we’re half way through our first module!

The coming weeks aren’t going to get any easier though. Next week will see us finish Instruments and then we have two weeks in which we will complete the whole of Meteorology, VFR Comms and IFR Comms. This will then mean that we’ve complete all seven of our Module 1 subjects and then it’s a case of sitting our mock exams and then do lots of revision!

Now it really is a case of making sure that our motivation is high and that we have the self discipline to make sure we do enough work on the subjects that we’ve already covered as well as keeping up with all of the new work that we do.
I think that I’m managing but only my Module 1 results will tell…

Happy Birthday Eunan

Today sees our housemate, Eunan, celebrate his 25th birthday.

Being good housemate, we all chipped in and got him presents too.

We got him a mini Spitfire model, a paper plane pencil case, a rubber duck rubber (because we all know he’s got an obsession!) and a B flat penny whistle.

And all day we’ve been reminding him that he’s now closer to 30 than 20!

Anyway, hope you’ve had a good day mate and all the best!

One month on

Last week we moved house and we it seems to be a good house, although there were a few bits and pieces missing. I have got the smallest room though but I think that I’ve managed to utilise the room’s space and fitted a big desk in there, so I’ll make do with it.

In other news, we’ve nearly finished our third groundschool subject, Air Law. We’ve got one more day to finish it in lessons next week, although I have already jumped ahead on the CBT and finished it. (Yes, I know that’s rather geeky!)
That now makes it Principles of Flight, Aircraft General Knowledge, Air Law and Comms (another one of my pre-learning sessions on the CBT!)

This week also saw CP101 have their Meet & Greet and APD. This means that we’re no longer the ‘babys’ of CTC. We have four of them staying next door to us and I wish them all the best as they start on their journey.

Moving house, again

We’re moving from Dibden Manor today and heading out to Hamble. Point to point, it’s not very far from us here at Dibden but there’s this great big mass of water between us

As I write this, my parents have just arrived and we’re going to get on our way soon. The others have already set off and should be there now.

I suppose I should better get going as otherwise I can see me faffing for quite a while!