More hard work to come

We have now completed our first full week of groundschool and we’re still all here!

Lots has happened this week and the work has really started to pile on.

It all started on Monday when we started the groundschool section of our course and we started with Principles of Flight. I thought that already having knowledge of aircraft and having a PPL would help. Whilst it does marginally, I’m still finding it tough! It’s not helping as much as I thought it would.
The same can be said about Aircraft General Knowledge, which we also started this week. However, I did start knowing that AGK would be hard as I also found the PPL version of the exam hard (in fact, it was the one that I got the worst marks on…)

Fortunately, the week was broken up by a CBT day, where we stay in our accommodation and work through the CD we’ve been given to accompany our course.

Meanwhile, the North of England experienced floods this week whilst down here in the South, it was still pretty nice. But, we were still affected.
This is what we woke up to on Wednesday morning:

Just in case you can’t make it out in the picture, it’s flooded… Fortunately, this is the only flooding that we’ve encountered.

Living away from home also means that I now have to do all of my washing and ironing myself – I can’t just rely on mum doing it for me.
I experienced this for the first time today and, as embarrassing as it is, it took me half an hour to iron 3 shirts… I’m sure I’ll get quicker with time!

Finally, I’d just like to thank Callum, James, Dirk and the rest of the guys who were here doing their AQC for giving us a good laugh this past week. They’ve finished now and moved out after passing the course – congratulations guys!

Sorry for such a long post, just so much has happened this week!

The hard work has started

We’re now on our third day of the CTC Wings Cadet course and the work rate is already really high.

The past couple of nights has seen me complete more work than I used to do in a week at Sixth Form, so that really shows just how much I’m having to do on the course.

Fortunately, we get at least one day a week where we have a day off lessons and we complete Computer Based Training, using the discs we were given when we started. These are a really good learning device, although not necessarily to everyone’s learning style.

These days though do mean that we can have a bit of a lie in! Managed to even have a proper cooked breakfast today – a nice plate of sausage, beans and a hash brown to start on an intense day of learning!

Settling in

I have now been living down in Dibden for a few days now and everything’s going really well!

The four of us who are in the house are getting on really well and we apologise to Eunan as we took the photo whilst he wasn’t in the room…

The hard work begins tomorrow when we start the work towards our ATPL exams. At least we get one day a week off to do computer based training (although I must stress that it’s not a proper day off! We do still have to work and are expected to do about 6 hours!)

Also, as promised in the last post, a couple of pictures of me looking smart in my uniform

Photo Credit

Group Shot: Maria Stone

So we’ve started

CP100 have now started the course and we have now completed the Meet and Greet and our APD.

I have now also settled into my accommodation. The room is a little bit small and my desk is the size of a ledge, put there’s just enough room for everything, so all is good.

I will try to upload some photos from the past few days when I get a chance, I have to wait for Dad to send them to me…