Meeting new friends

With just over three weeks to go until I start my course, I am starting to meet some of the other people I will be studying with. You can tell that we are of a ‘digital age’ as I haven’t met them in person, I have been introduced to them via Facebook!

Having added many of them now as friends, it’s reassuring to see that I am not by far the youngest – in fact, I’m not the youngest!

I have also found out that we have the people from the Flybe Wings program on our course.

As for me, I am almost ready to start the course and am just waiting for my insurance documents to come through now.

It’s all starting to sink in now and very shortly I’ll be immersed in it all. I can’t wait!

Nearing the start of something new

Today marks the one month to go point before I start the CTC Wings course!

I think that it is now starting to finally set in that this is real and is actually going to be happening. Personally, I think I was finding it hard to believe whilst I was still at sixth form because I was constantly surrounded by talk of going to university and I was the ‘black sheep’ of the group because I wasn’t going down that route.

A trip to never forget

Flying is all about the experiences and a few weeks ago I took my grandad up for the first time.

He was ecstatic and couldn’t wait for me to whisk him up into the air to go on a trip around the Lake District and then back over my way to go over my house and then over his.

It was a brilliant time that allowed us to capture the outstanding views and see landmarks that we both recognised.

Preparing to go on a flight together

Me and Grandad about to go flying